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Vacation Accrual Adjustments

Adjusting the amounts related to an employee’s vacation accrual is easily done using the Additional Features / YTD Entry Option 

What you will need is;
  • Either the Accrual Summary Report


  • Summary of Earnings and Deductions report from the most recent payroll run.

The following steps only apply to employees that have accruals setup in the Calculations Tab in their Profile.

Step 2
  • First Screen is Earnings - Leave Blank

  • Select Deduction Detail - Leave Blank

  • Select Additional Amounts

  • Using the Magnifying glass select the Accrual you are Adjusting. (see notations below)

  • Enter the amount you are adding to their current YTD value as a positive

  • Enter the amount you are subtracting from their current YTD value as a negative

  • Press Enter to SAVE


If your accrual set up pays from Balance Forward in the current year then you will select Bal Fwd to adjust.

Otherwise you should always select the Accrual "EARNED"

Remember: This adjustment will add to or subtract from their current value in the Untaken.

Step 1
  • Select Additional Features

  • Select YTD Entry (Year to Date Entry)

  • Select Pay Period End Date that reflects the date these changes belong in

  • Select the Employee

Extra Tip:

If the employee has a negative amount in Untaken you will enter that value as a positive to bring it to zero.

Step 3
  • Select Exit once you have Saved your Entry

  • Takes you back to Deduction Detail screen. Press Enter to return to Employee Selection

Once you have completed all the employees Select Exit once you have Returned to the Employee Selection Screen.

Lastly select View Current ADJ to view your entries

Upon running the Calculate Pay an Adjustment Report will Generate as well for you to review and save for your Records Management.

Below is our link to the full Year To Date Entry Manual for further Details 

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